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would like to rent sailboard near cape san blas

Mar 12, 2017 by MI2Michigan

We are coming with a carload of teenagers and a two person kayak etc. so no room for my husband's sailboard. Hoping to rent one in the vicinity of Cape San Blas. Anyone able to help me here?


Date: 04/21/2017
From: fhawk

The only thing I could suggest is that there are several shops that rent stand up paddle boards on St. George Island. Chances are they would be more useful than sailboards on any given day at CSB.
Date: 03/13/2017
From: bgraves

There is nothing in the vicinity of Cape San Blas which is what makes it so charming. At Shell Point, we don't have any equipment to rent. Panama City might, but I doubt they would let you carry it to where you are staying.

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