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Video of kiting at SGI this past weekend

Mar 8, 2017 by alexb

Scored some good wind this past Sat and Sun on some dawn patrol at SGI. And since I know how much you windsurfers love kiters, here's some footage from those days! :D LOL

And if the above doesn't play for you, here's a direct link:


Date: 03/09/2017
From: alexb

By the time the windsurfers got there on Saturday my gopro battery was dead like the wind. ;)

Yeah, most of that is Saturday except the end. I spent too much time swimming Sunday. I have that footage but it's not that exciting since the camera's just sitting under water.

With the spinning, I tried to cut the video to make it transition when it went upside down but that was even more confusing. No one has put out a production gimbal for kite lines yet. That's pretty much the only way to stabilize that and make it look good. Or I can keep going in straight line, everyone likes those videos, right? LOL
Date: 03/09/2017
From: fhawk

I take it since we had three windsurfers sailing next to you on Saturday at SGI as well, you missed us somehow in your video. I guess up until the last 35sec that is Saturday footage? Did you get your kite dumping into the waves and strings wrapping around your GoPro on Sunday! That would have looked really cool. All that upside down footage makes one kind of sea sick. But definitely some nice shots. BTW, we sailed the PC Pass on Monday where is was about waist to chest, and then surfed the Park break for a few hours, which was actually more fun as the wind was pretty light and a bit too Easterly to easily drop into the Pass waves. The kiters' buddy, Fred Hawkes

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