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Sunday 1-22-2017 heading down

Jan 22, 2017 by MackOS

I'll be heading down to SP soon. Looks like the heavy weather is developing inland, with only occasional showers at the beach. Probably gusty as hell, but have to try anyway!


Date: 01/22/2017
From: fhawk

Great day- AP totally kicking ass. Shoulder high wave and 25 mph- all fun
Date: 01/22/2017
From: alexb

Sick day! Had an awesome sesh at AP today from 8 to 2. Then it just got too much and the storm came in. Fred and Oskar came out for some wave action!

Couple of pix and a video of Oskar trying out his smallest 4.5m kite.
Pic 1 Link
Pic 2 Link
Video Link

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