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Aug 25, 2016 by alexb

FINALLY hit 30mph+ at Bald Point earlier today! Couldn't keep it for long but 25mph+ is a bit easier now. Did a total of 12.44 miles before the wind/water died. Fastest mile averaged at 25mph. Gear: Ozone Chrono 17m foil kite and a Airush Sector v6 freerace board.


Date: 08/26/2016
From: alexb

Thanks! :)

The BP station's saying 14-19 around that time (2pm) but it over reads on that direction by 5mph usually. I measured 10-13 when I was on the beach. The Apalachee Bay stations saying a 17mph gust at 2pm, I would say that's closer. Direction was ENE 76°.

It was fairly light as I never felt overpowered and struggled in the lulls.

Correction to the original post, the kite was an Ozone R1 17m. Not the Chrono. :D
Date: 08/26/2016
From: Bill Olson

Awesome! What was the wind blowing and direction?

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