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Windsurfing gear SWAP MEET!!

Aug 6, 2016 by Admin


We are planning on having a new students practice session and swap meet on September 10th! We will be inviting students from this year and last year to let them know there will be gear available for them to purchase at a reasonable price. We are hoping many of you have gear that you no longer use that would be suitable for beginners. In addition, current sailors may wish to acquire other gear. Board, booms, masts, mast feet, mast extensions, and sails are all needed.

Please let me know if this may be of interest to you before I invite the students down. We would have the swap meet starting around 1pm on that Saturday afternoon, September 10th.

Bob G.


Date: 08/15/2016
From: Admin

We will be having our first ever Windsurfing Swap Meet on September 3rd starting at around 1pm. The purpose of this event is for ALL people who have good condition windsurfing gear that they would like to give, sell, or swap with someone else or one of our new sailors, to come on down to Shell Point and bring your stuff. Because this event is on a holiday weekend, we realize some of you might not be able to make it. Let me know if you have gear that you would like to unload and I will coordinate someone getting it to the event for you. If you have any questions, please email me at djbobbyg@gmail.com
Date: 08/07/2016
From: Charlie Yontz

I'll come down Bob, but I gave away all my extra gear. :-) Be happy to work with the returning students!
Date: 08/07/2016
From: Admin

I had sent out a post about a swap meet on Saturday, September 10th which will NOT work out because it falls on the opening FSU football game. The date for the swap meet will be September 3rd, which is a Saturday over memorial day weekend, so it presents problems as well, but should be better for most.

The swap meet is to bring your gear that you no longer want to see if someone else does. We hope to have a lot of students from our lessons there who can buy decent gear at a decent price or you can give it to them.

I got one response from my last email indicating to me that interest in this is very minimum, in which case we won't do it. Please let me know if this is something you might participate in if it is held on September 3rd in the afternoon.

Thank you.

Bob G.

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