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Need 90's Mistral boards--Help College Windsurfing!

Nov 28, 2015 by Steven PVB

Florida's only college windsurfing program is looking to find 90's era longboards or any others with adjustable mast tracks, dead or alive, usable or not. We're growing windsurfing amongst the least numerous of our ranks--college kids. The advanced ones will receive a restored IMCO or Equipe after completing basic training, so we need stuff to get them on the water. All leads appreciated, need anything related to these classics, like dagger boards, mast bases, you name it. Might be interested in other brands and also beginner gear and obsolete sails/rigs to help us build our fleet. Will buy or trade and if you could donate stuff, we're a 501.c.3 and may be able to get you a tax benefit! Contact Steven at (904) 382-7913 or windaddiction080@gmail.com Thanks!


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