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SGI Waves From Past Weekend!

Nov 19, 2015 by alexb

Few of the wave riding fellas and I caught some good waves at SGI this past weekend. Below's a video of some of the better sets I caught on Sunday and some smaller stuff from Tuesday. You can watch me drag my ass across the wave around the 1:40 mark. :D

Lower Quality: http://kite.tech/video/sgi/low.html

Higher Quality: http://kite.tech/video/sgi

It's HTML5 and the videos are still pretty large, so if your internet's from the 1990's I'll just post a pic.


Date: 12/13/2015
From: Charlie Yontz

Thank you for sharing Alex. Looks like fun.
Date: 11/19/2015
From: alexb

Hahaha I'm just using whatever the latest fast and punchy tune that catches my ear. :) The Tuesday parts are where the camera sits further away from me and the water's greener.

The video was corrected for the GoPro lens distortion. It makes the horizon a bit less curved vs the uncorrected image link.This was recorded at 4k 24fps "Superview" so it's extremely curved but gets the largest perspective. But even with the lens correction it doesn't depict that all those troughs were a few feet overhead. Thankfully they weren't all breaking or I REALLY would have been used and abused. LOL

Sunday's looking promising for some offshore at SGI. Maybe I should dust off my windsurf gear. I'm guessing the waves wont be any good though.
Date: 11/19/2015
From: fhawk

Alex--(Just a Machine, use him, abuse him)-- Very nice video and some good wave rides. It is hard to tell which day is which--are both days all mixed together (I see one shot of John's kite, which I assume was from Sunday). Oddly, the higher quality video makes the waves look even flatter, although both of them do that to a large degree. I know this takes a lot of work--great job. Fred H.

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