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Oct 14, 2014 by Len Thomas

Hello, I am just getting back into windsurfing after years away from it. I am in the Beaufort NC area. I have windsurfed a few times at the North River Bridge. I live in Beaufort. Is there anywhere around that is good with wind out of the north? It would be great also to sail with other people. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Take care, Len Thomas


Date: 10/23/2014
From: Chris Voith

Try here too: http://windsurfatlanta.org/wiki/Places_to_Windsurf
Date: 10/14/2014
From: alexb


There maybe someone here who could answer that but this is mostly a Florida forum. If you're interested in NC your best bet is to ask on the iWindsurf forum http://iwindsurf.com/forums/index.php where you'll most likely find other windsurfers from that area.

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