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What's the happening?

May 4, 2014 by alexb

What is UP!! I haven't spammed this board in a while. I do check it regularly but it's quiet as a mouse. As some of you may have heard RUMORS that I went back to the dark side. I would like to say that they're not completely not true and are a lie. I know where my roots are! But I chase the plane!

Had one windsurf sesh this year, wave sailing at AP with the 108L and the 6.9. DAMN! I forgot how hard it is. :) I can still gybe and ride waves but it's *WOW*CRAZY*HARD*! So much work is needed for it vs kiting.

I spent the winter kiting at Mashes. That's a perfect spot to learn and works pretty well for NE for some windsurfing B&J. Can windsurf only at high tide there; and I have. Now the winds are switching more to the south I'm back at AP. Met Dr. Mick out there twice now. He's ripping it up on some old longboard, small floppy sail and no harness. Recommended SP to him. Crazy dude goes WAAAAY out and not hooked in! Building muscles? :)

The regular wave crew's still ripping it up at AP; when it's nuking. FSU kite club's (member) ripping it up at AP, when it's nuking. I just came back from AP. With my new light wind gear I can plane in 7mph; upwind and do some jumps. Ride the sloppy waves and just cruise. Extreme efficiency and VERY easy. Love the Serenity but Jim Drake should have tried a kite. :) Still need to get the Formula board out for a test. Keep thinking about it every time but if it's 12mph, I can RIP-it-UP on a kite.

Hey what happened to Windy? I've called it the last few months and never got an answer? Lighting? Are you guys getting it repaired?

Anyone interested in joining the AP screw for some small wave sailing?

I'm going to leave you with another CHEEzE AP wave video from a weekend or two ago. :)


Date: 05/05/2014
From: alexb

Fred, yeah the cam's right on the strings. It's a bit of a pain to have the cam on there though. It changes the control characteristics of the kite a bit.

Hmm, I'm not sure I could keep a plane doing that windsurfing. I'll have the kite rotated pulling me the other way before I do the direction change and ride toe side. Guess I'll have to try it. :) "if you ever" LOL I just need WIND! I want to get out there to windsurf but I don't want to slog. :(
Date: 05/05/2014
From: fhawk

Alex--great video. Thanks for posting. Is the cam on one of those stringy things up in the air. Cool angle. Interesting how you sail wrong footed after you jibe a little while, just like I do when I jibe my shortboards. Pretty much the same technique. So if you ever start windsurfing again on sinkers, just remember that same trick. Definitely is very efficient as it looks like very little wind at AP but you seem to be planing along just fine on your little surfboard. Yep, this is the worst spring I remember in 20 years for solid wind, so you picked a good time to learn kiting. Fred Hawkes

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