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Longboard/Trade Wanted

Oct 14, 2013 by Markd

Got ths message from Tony Van Den Berg looking for a higher volume longboard for a long distance, multi-day adventure race: Training for Everglades challenge doing well& Is there anyone in your sailing club that has an old F2 380 Race or Starboard Phantom (302liter) that would like to trade for an Equipe IIXR and a extra cash& depending on condition, I have available for trade a IIXR and a newer Equipe Concept&. Been training and did pack test, and thinking would be better to do race on a one of these two heft liter boards that have the extra volume for packing gear&.especially for marginal wind days and planning earlier for reaches& Attach photo of full packed and for total doldrum day& Hope there arent too many of these& Sincerely, U.S. NIPPURA, INC. Anthony Vandenberg 3611 Tryclan Dr. Charlotte, NC 28217, USA +1-704-561-9191 (tel) +1-704-561-9196 (tel) +1-704-941-9521 (mob) www.nippura.com (AquaWall & Aquarium Products) www.blueoceanproscreens.com (Blue Ocean Rear Projection Screen Products & Move)


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