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rider down

Jul 1, 2013 by alexb

So my Saturday session cost me three stitches in the left leg. Coming on to the beach, the wave hit the board and the fin sliced my leg. Wasn't the brightest of ideas to try and adjust the board with my leg. But luckily it was at the end of my session. Now I can't go in the water for a week or two until it heals up. I'm guessing this will be the windiest and waviest week ever.

On the other hand, I did have a pretty good session! I was on the 7.0 with the 108 and GT was on his 5.3 and 99? Met another windsurfer from Maui with an 84 or 88 and a 4.7. He said he helped the SPSC when they were in Hawaii on vacation; Matt?

And I finally got the Sony action cam to not corrupt all my video footage. So you're being subjected to another quality LOCAL video below. ;) While making this video I have realized that my gybing has become much better. When the first video cut was over and I played it back, it was NOTHING BUT gybe scenes for three minutes. Since there was 2hrs of footage to look through and I usually look for my good parts (like completed gybes) my editing has always been based on that. So I had to re-edit it and actually add some riding footage. :) Now if I could only stop being lazy and make a clew-view contraption for the camera, can't ever get a perfect angle.

Also got around to injecting some urethane foam into the JP FSW. Man, that thing has TONS of delam. :( Used 8LB foam and it made the area between the footstraps hard as a rock, the creaking is also gone. While cleaning up the holes I noticed two could use a little more injection but I'm out of large syrynges. So I'm now waiting for those to come in to finish glassing the holes. About 32 holes in total. Probably should have used 4LB foam. On the other hand I've learned how to do it right about half way through and the next time will be much easier.


Date: 07/07/2013
From: alexb

Well, it's ugly ... and I'm not sure how any of this will hold up: urethane injection, glassing of the holes/board, the ┬┐epoxy? refrigerator paint and the anti-skid sprinkles BUT YOU BETTER BELIEVE I'M GOING TO RIP THIS THING UP yO! :) at least until one of you has to swim in and save me...

paint still drying

Date: 07/07/2013
From: alexb

As everyone is probably enjoying the wind all these storms are bringing and I having to sit it out... I figured I'd glass the board.

Glassed the individual holes at first and it didn't workout at all. It's very hard to keep the piece of cloth inside the hole since they're quite small. So about an hour after the first try, I pulled them all out and stripped the graphics sticker off the board.

Decided to just glass the whole thing at once. I filled the holes with some resin mixed with shredded glass first and then dropped a heavy piece of cloth on top. I was thinking of putting another piece of cloth but I don't think I need to. It's hard as a rock now. Just need to slap some paint on it... or maybe some graphix? I found a way to print stuff onto fiberglass sheets with a bubblejet printer.

Anyways, here's a pic after it's dry and feathered out. A bit ugly but I think it'll work. Should have gone carbon, would have looked cooler. :)

Date: 07/02/2013
From: Bill Olson

Looks a lot livelier than things were at Navarre on Saturday. It was a great NIMBY despite the low wind.
Date: 07/01/2013
From: alexb

Thanks Fred! I'm just hoping the antibiotics do their job and the leg doesn't fall off. :) Feels like my left leg is my unlucky leg, it also has the screws from mountain biking in it and stitches from broken glass.

I can't imagine tacking the 84, maybe if on a plane. I've tried to tack the 88 and the 96 but without success.
Date: 07/01/2013
From: fhawk

Sorry about your leg Alex--massive AP waves are trech. Great video, and your jibes are really getting good, and a nice shortboard tack at the end--I still have a hard time tacking my 84 liter board, so usually don't even try. Fred Hawkes

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