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just sharing the stoke!

Jun 7, 2013 by alexb

Aww yeah! GT, Fred and I hit AP for some sweet sweet wind action this afternoon! I'm guessing 3+hrs worth. Where were you!?! ;)

I got my new board wet! The JP FSW 112 has some soft spots (that's what you get for buying a rental from Maui) so I decided to upgrade. I'll be injecting the JP with some 8LB foam that's on order, turn it into my beater board.

Totally digging the RRD FSW 108L! Completed my first four or five jibes on starboard tack on the first outing! (we wont mention the other tack for now) The THICK, SOFT pads are REALLY comfortable. I started out on a 6.6m and the fellas rigged some napkins on toothpics but after about 30min I dropped down to a 5.5m. Now that I th ink about it, I completed more constant jibes on the 6.6m... hmm...

I won't make you sit through another boring video, I couldn't find the cameras. LOL One of my best days yet! Though included are some boring pics that don't show any of the action. That's what you came here to see anyways, right? :)


Date: 06/09/2013
From: fhawk

I dunno Alex. You got GT adjusting his outhaul and walking back up the beach (let's hope he doesn't see that one), and me slogging upwind and one so small I can't tell what I am doing, and your rig on the beach. Not exactly high action drama for a pretty good day when I was on my 4.2 and 74 liter quad. At least my new Ezzy Wave Tiger looks cool.

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