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First lessons of the summer: Venture Crew 44 of Tallahassee

May 19, 2013 by Charlie Yontz

I think everyone had a good time! http://youtu.be/jBMdzRClDk0 http://youtu.be/nPXwqfZanMI http://youtu.be/XbPIHPA6xY4 http://youtu.be/XA5UItlJB8M http://youtu.be/wdS_-yslkPU http://youtu.be/dXCjC_zVT1g http://youtu.be/Db1Znpu-dmU


Date: 05/19/2013
From: alexb

Are you sure the lessons were conducted in the proper Hookipa Style? I have some Dakine gloves and a windsurf board; I'm pretty sure this is the correct way to give windsurfing lessons:

Nice work on getting a bunch of groms on the boards!

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