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Got some wind?

Jan 30, 2013 by alexb

Wind! Wind! Wind! Woooh! Excellent session with Gary and Fred at Alligator Point, still smiling! Wind meter said 16-20 when I got there. The 5.0m worked well but I think I could have used a 5.5 at times maybe even a 6 or a 5.7? Got a few rides on the 96L but it felt like too much work, I swear it's missing some liters. I couldn't plane out on it and mostly planed riding waves. Grabbed the $50 Captain America board. I guess it's about 110L and everything got much easier and planier. I'm not very impressed with it but it floats.

Check the video, I think this is my best wave riding experience so far! :) This should quiet down all the threads about me not being able to gybe. Well, maybe no one posted that but I have a feeling that's what everyone's thinking when watching these videos. :) LOL

HD Version:

SD Version:


Date: 01/31/2013
From: fhawk

Great video of AP waves, Alex. I saw you get some good wave rides as the waves were mucho fun. Mast cam mount really shows off the Capt. Am. board. I got on the water a little past 10am, and the waves were breaking better outside before the tide rolled in. I was on a 4.2 with my 74 liter JP Quad, wind was up and down a lot, requiring a good bit of pumping in the lulls, but waves were quite decent overall with some long lines for AP. SSE at 20-24 clocking to the S later. I think you will be able to plane on smaller volume waveboards after you get used to them--it takes some time on the water (which is hard to come by around here).

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