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only a little debauchery???

Dec 28, 2012 by paul

Hey look, are you gonna pander to us, or what? Cause if you are (and you should) you should say "a whole lot of debauchery." And what about free dues? Board insurance? Free parking at the beach - wait, we already have that. Anyway, shape up already, or we'll re-elect you next year...


Date: 12/28/2012
From: bob a

Touche! I think we should rename the club Shell Point Debauchery and Sailboard Club. There was far too little debauchery last year under the inept leadership of bob a. Under the new club name we could have debauchery lessons year round and wouldn't have to invest in training equipment (well, maybe not). The club name would give those members who don't or no longer sailboard a chance to compete in debauchery events and on and on. The possibilities are limitless especially since the Mayans gave us another 5,000 year lease on life.

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