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Re : Futuristic Life Vest

Dec 27, 2012 by Richard

Hi, Do anyone knows that there is a new Life Jacket that looks more like a T-Shirt. Lookes very interesting. Take a look, http://www.aqualifeglobal.com .I think everyone will be interested. Send it to all your friend. It is the latest trend and I intent to get one too for Sailboarding instead of the bulky old conventional life jacket that we have been wearing. http://www.aqualifeglobal.com


Date: 12/12/2013
From: John Scott

This product is the property of Aqua Life Vest Pte Ltd. Mr Richard Tham has removed/photo-shopped the registered Trademark ("Hero") from the product and relabeled it. He has no legal authority to manufacture, resell or offer up distribution rights for this product. I have firsthand knowledge because I am the founder of the company and registering person of the pending patents.The website Mr Tham uses, is a cut and paste of the official product website found at www.youneedahero.com. Mr Tham has breached company property rights with his unauthorized use of intellectual property for this product and copyright infringement of content lifted from the Hero website. Mr Tham has been warned several times of his breaches and yet remains defiant, needless to say legal proceedings have begun against him. For verification of this message I can be contacted through the youneedahero.com website. Sincerely John Scott, CEO of Aqua Life Vest Pte Ltd and founder of Hero Water Safety Wear.

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