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Anyone get a session today?

Dec 26, 2012 by alexb

Windy was saying 20+ at ShellPoint this morning, anyone go out there? I was on my way there but took a chance and went to Alligator Point for some waves. Got there and it was gusting 23+ on my wind meter, waves were small about knee high but looked to have some form. Temp was around 54° to 59°. Rigged the 5.0 and grabbed the 96L. There were lots of holes and in a little over an hour it all died. Wasn't the best of conditions but it was good enough to subject you to another cheezy video of what it was like. :)


And if you're feeling lucky, here's an HD version but the server seems to be very slow

There hasn't been any wind for a month, what's up with that!? I don't recall that being in the brochure! I heard SGI was in the 40mph range but I still haven't got my 4.0; at least one I would trust. Oh well, I got me a fix.


Date: 12/27/2012
From: Bill Olson

Great buy! Mine came with a real gasket that someone had tried to glue on with some kind of caulk and it didn't stick. Extra thick CA glue and careful prep did the trick. My footstraps are also toast but I saved the covers off of bic footstraps that I broke so I am going to try to recover them.
Date: 12/27/2012
From: alexb

Messed up the code for the link below:

Date: 12/27/2012
From: alexb

Cool! At least you can say that you had a Christmas day sail as a nice present. BTW Bill, checkout my new Superlight acquisition < a href="https://alex0.com/?p=303">https://alex0.com/?p=303 Just need some foot straps and to glue the HomeDepot gasket on the bottom.

Anyone got 4 CHEAP/FREE footstraps? Don't really care for the shape as long as they're not rotten through 100%, 35% rot max. LOL
Date: 12/27/2012
From: Bill Olson

Got more than I did. Went down Tuesday to SP, wind was building to 20 mph then the rain squall came and then it just died. Went out on a long board just to say I had a christmas sail and figured that was all we were getting out of this one Wrong again

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