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Huguenot was blowing up on Saturday!

Nov 18, 2012 by alexb

Awesome Saturday at Huguenot! Got there around 10am, blowing 20-30mph and the tide was all the way up to the dunes. Couldn't get out to the outside even if I wanted to. Kind of glad I didn't after seeing the pictures posted on surfjaxpier.com for Saturday. The whole Jax windsurfing crew Bob and I met a few weeks back was out there by the afternoon.

Got out on the inside of Huguenot on the 96L with a 6.0 at first after about an hour later dropped down to a 5.0. Still was mostly overpowered the rest of the day. Could have used a 4.0 or a 4.5 for sure. Didn't try to tune down the last bit out of the 5.0 though. Glad I finally got to take the 96 out and get some good practice on it. Not the fastest on the flats (wave board) but still fun and lively. Huge change from the Serenity. :)

Gary T. was out there and got on the flat water, very unxpected. (Sorry I didn't make it back on Sun Gary, arm still hurts). Messed up my arm while gybing, slipped and hit the boom kind of bad. Worst part is that is scared me from going hard into the gybes for the rest of the day.

Took both cams out on the water; one mounted on the boom and one on the mast. So below is another Cheezy Wind Productions video. :) See if you can spot where I edited the film to make my windsurfing look much better than it really is. *LOL* Hope everyone is still sailing!

720p Video link:

Small video link:


Date: 11/20/2012
From: alexb

I would take an hour of some good wave sailing as well. :)

Arm's better but I've had vertigo since early Saturday morning and I'm still dizzy. It's never lasted this long. Not sure what's up but I'm about to go to the doc and see if they can tell me anything. I hate going to the doctor though. It started before I even got into the water, so I don't think there's water or anything in my ear. *SIGH*
Date: 11/20/2012
From: fhawk

Yes, I used to think that wavesailing for only an hour and a half was not enough. But then I found that long rides on two or three beautiful down-the-line waves made the whole day worth it just for those waverides. It is a strange thing that is hard to explain. How is your arm?
Date: 11/19/2012
From: alexb

Yup, met Bob K. there. I believe he was on the Goya 120L with a pretty big fin. Wish I could get some nice peeling waves to ride but the hour and a half just seems like a tease.

I can't tack the 96L, never been able to. I've tried to practice tacking it in no wind but it just sinks. I didn't even try to tack it that day. It was hauling ass too much and I was going for the gybes every time. I did see one other guy out there doing some planing tacks, was pretty cool. His board/sail were pretty big.

Not sure I like my forward hand with an undergrip. I've tried it before and I feel like I have more control with the top grip. I'm sure I'll be playing around with it though. :)
Date: 11/19/2012
From: fhawk

Gary Tucker and Bob Kormondy were both at Huggie Saturday afternoon on 4.5s, but did not sail Sunday as the wind was too light and waves out of control outside anyway. Chunky blown out mess both days. Conditions over here were excellent at the Park in SGI on Sunday morning, side to a little side off, waist-high lined up peelers, with a chest-high break on the sets over the shoal at Turnout #5. Wind was 18, so used 5.3 and Goya Quad 84. Down the line and reeling for blocks as the angle of the waves allowed one to ride them way down the beach. New quad fin set-up (10cm Makani weed side fins, 16cm std. wave center fins) was working very well staying upwind, so no walking. Only lasted a little over an hour and a half, but some of the best down-the-line wave sailing I've had in the Park. Thanks for the video, amazing you can tack that little board--btw, your front hand should normally face palm up, except for jibing. Fred Hawkes

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