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Can this be fixed?

Aug 11, 2012 by alexb

Maybe with a steel mallet or run it under my car?


Date: 08/13/2012
From: alexb

The storm brought the side-off wind for a little while. This was the second time since last year I got to ride waves in side-off. Except last year I wasn't trying to ride the waves but just to ride. I now understand why it's so coveted for side-off in waves. Other than the smooth glassy waves, the angle is much better to ride in. The speed is great and I made a gybe exit over the wave at the end; not pretty but stayed up. It was definitely worth the chance but now I want more. MOOOOOAAAARRR!!!! LOL :)

The lightning wasn't that bad. It was very far out, moving towards the sea. The area I surfed in was clearing up fast and the thunder was taking a while to reach me after the spark.

The waves were better than the pic depicts. Knee high and sometimes thigh high. They picked up a little when the wind was howling. Overall it was a fun, short session.
Date: 08/13/2012
From: fhawk

Looks very light and waves appear very small. I think a small SE swell is cut off almost competely by the North Jetties. Might have been a bit bigger at the other Huguenot (ie, the Poles). Since you are the one who managed to get his rig stuck by the tide on a SP channel marker (only other one was Danielle in 1987), I don't think you should try your luck with lightning.
Date: 08/12/2012
From: alexb

Ok, ok.. I was just messing with everyone; bored at 2am. :)
It's a rubber fin I picked up over a year ago to SUP in shallow water and never used. Since the waves and wind were really bad at Huguenot, I decided to give it a try and ride onto the beach to squeeze every last drop of the ride. Best break was about 20-30 yards out. Worked pretty well and probably saved the board. Wind picked up when the storm was coming through and I couldn't tell the difference between the rubber fin and regular fin. Then the lifeguard politely asked me to wait out the storm because of lightning, to which I replied a stern "F* NO!", just kidding, I complied like a good citizen of 1984, err I mean 2012.

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