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Alligator Point Waves

Jun 4, 2012 by alexb

Finally got to sail some waves with Fred and Gary at Alligator Point today. Man, those guys can rip! I was just holding on but I did get a few waves and couple of gybes off the waves. I also got a fin to the head; OUCH! Huge bruise but luckily the fin hit/slid on sideways and not edge on. Pulled out the kitesurf helmet I never used for the rest of the session. Looks like the shore break is trying to break more than my gear.

I'll try to post a video once I get around to sifting through all the footage and cutting it up to make my sailing, look good. :)

Checkout the pic of Fred getting some air! (hope the html code doesn't get stripped)

if the code stripped click the link


Date: 06/15/2012
From: fhawk

Great video Alex--makes Alligator Point look like freaking Maui--so cool the shots of the waves near you. We will likely be heading over to SGI on this Sat and Sun, as a good ENE wind is filling in, which should last into next week. Very odd to sail SGI in June, but hey, take what they give you. You need to get there early, we usually get on the water by by 10, so that means leaving around 8 (it is 1.5 hrs from the center to town to the island). We sail one of two places: about 2 miles to the NE (turn left toward the Park) of where the bridge comes into the island at one of the wooden walk-overs, or at Turnout #5 in the Park--depends on wind angle and waves. Fred
Date: 06/14/2012
From: alexb

Just in case here's a 1080p video. It's a bit larger so it will buffer more.

The one embedded below has 960x540 resolution (the window size is (480x270) so it fits in the page. ;)
Date: 06/14/2012
From: alexb

SeƱor Spielbergo has finished mastering the wave video. It was a tough edit with not much quality footage being available. That could be because my wave sailing skills on a shortboard are crappy but I blame Steven Spielberg for not taking the project and making the next blockbuster out of it. :)

On another note; after doing 20 MTB miles at Tom Brown this AM, I went out to AP for some slow cruising. There was no wind but the water was so clear I felt like I was sailing through key west. I went out on the beach and sailed all the way to the end of the point and then back. Caught a few rollers after the houses with the stones. There's a perfect break there if any good waves come up. Didn't want to come back through the inlet, figured the wind was stronger on the beach. Wrong; I barely schlogged back.

Started packing up and noticed the wind picked up. and I mean PICKED UP. Well I had the 9.5 already out, figured I would tune it for overpowered and give it a shot. Man, that was a mistake. It started to hit into the 30's. I barely got out into the middle and then barely back. At one point I fell off from the board and rig and the whole thing kept sailing forward with the sail UP! LOL THAT WAS A TOUGH SWIM AFTER IT! Got back and packed up. :) A totally excellent day!

Anyone want to SUP tour?
Date: 06/11/2012
From: alexb

Fred, I was out at AP yesterday around 4PM. It was blowing 16 when I got there but died as soon as I got on the water. Even my 7.5 couldn't handle it. The waves were nice and smooth though spaced too close together. I got a couple of rides in but they were pretty bad. I had to wait for gusts to waterstart so I just packed up. Wish I had my longboard/SUP, I would got all the waves.

Below's the image you sent. I'm still working on the video, well more like thinking on working on it. :) I went out to Bald Point a couple of days ago and actually got the Tabou off the water, not as high as that but I got it in the air a few times and rode out of most of them.

Date: 06/11/2012
From: fhawk

Alex--Can you send me your email--I have a photoshopped version of the image you grabbed I'd like to send to you. I am at fhawk@carltonfields.com GT and I headed over to SGI on Sunday getting there late around 1, but the wind was only 16-17 (enough for your bigger gear), and the waves were solid chest but really onshore wind directions, so we headed over to Cape San Blas to an access just to the south of the Park, and it was blowing 19-22, but died about 30 min after I hit the water. Those big storms over Pcola made it hard to predict. Waves had better form since wind was more side to sideon, but smaller, about waist. About 6 surfers out. Fred
Date: 06/05/2012
From: Admin

Alex, I don't strip out your html code...go for it.
Date: 06/05/2012
From: fhawk

Great pic Alex. I could not believe you have only been sailing 9 months, and were out there at Alligator Pt yesterday in 21-24 mph with some knee to thigh waves, not easy conditions. And doing just great. GT and I have been doing this 20 years now (or more), so to see a new guy who is just getting started take on these conditions was very inspiring. Maybe more wind on Tues. Fred Hawkes
Date: 06/04/2012
From: alexb

Cool, the code didn't get stripped but I screwed up the URL for the large image link.
Click here for full size image:
sorry for the spam.

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