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March 18, 2012 @ Shell Point

Mar 18, 2012 by Charlie Yontz

I had the pleasure of watching Alex on his new Kona and Bill dusting off a longboard long unused till today while I tested out my new Kona 380 Elite/Aerotech 6.5 Freeride. Had a blast, learned a lot (and man am I sore tonight)! -=Charlie=-


Date: 03/18/2012
From: alexb

It was the perfect day for long boards! Glad you guys showed up. I really should have put some suntan lotion on my arms though, they're on fire right now.
Below's a link to a GPS log I did with my watch. It doesn't usually last more than an hour or two on 1sec logging but I thought it lasted way longer than what it captured. :/ First trip took around 55min, I guess the second one is about when it died. Oh well.. I think the other two were way faster after the wind picked up.

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