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Keys Trip Party

Jan 13, 2012 by Dan Burch

Sherry and I invite you to attend a MASH party while in the Keys. So bring your best costume to portray one of the characters All you closet Klingers and wannabe Hot Lips get ready. We will provide the libations and shots in IV bags. We can decide which night to hold it when we get to the camp site. See you there!


Date: 03/30/2012
From: rknerr

Dan, spsc2 is our Yahoo! email group.
Date: 01/15/2012
From: Admin

Dan, I'll send your Party invite out on SPSC2 yahoo group for ya... this way everyone going to the Keys will know about it. Deb B.
Date: 01/15/2012
From: Dan Burch

Donna I don't know what spsc2 is ,so no I have not posted at that site. Talked to Perry today and he said you all knew about our planned party. Can't wait to see Bill O dressed as Klinger!
Date: 01/13/2012
From: DMac3998

Dan,have you sent this to the spsc2 group?

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