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Good Times at Huguenot Park Today!

Dec 24, 2011 by alexb

Went out to Huguenot Park with a new sail today; 2010 Ezzy Infinity 9.5. Wind was finally good. Water temp was in the 70's but it was draining out of the inlet FAST! Rigged up and decided to see how this cammed sail handles and differs from the Gaastra Swift 7.5 2cam. Wind: http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/1539/screenshot20111225at120.png Man I LOVE this sail! The Rocket starts planing in about 3 seconds on a broad reach with 10-12mph! SPEEED! Tacking and jybing, well that didn't quite workout well. I would get around 25 seconds of extreme speed and the choice was crash into land or try to jybe. So I try to jybe but crash, watersrart and do it all over again up and down for a few hours. Tacking at the up part; still complicated as this sail sinks this board a lot more. I was running a 32cm fin (i know too small for the sail size) for the shallows instead of the 44cm (which I should have) but every cm there counted today. Rigging and derigging was very simple and fast. The Swift is easy to rig as well but a little harder to de-rig as you can't pop the cams. Very FUN Day! :) Pic of the rig with the NSI noseguard. Worked quite well today on a few occasions. Had the rig drop me off and then go on its merry way about 20-30 yards. Not a fun swim back to it in a shorty wetsuit. Also clamped one of my toes with the rig, it's all black and hurty. Toy PIC: http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/1337/ezzy95huguenot.jpg Still, I'm really digging cammed sails! Though now I'm looking for a freestyle wave board so I can get into the Atlantic to surf and play. Didn't bring the SUP to try and sail it on some waves and wishing I would have. Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays! Alex


Date: 12/25/2011
From: alexb

Thanks Steven! I'm in town for the holidays and I'm hoping to get a few more sessions in out here somewhere. St Johns is right down the street from me and so is Drs Lake (Orange Park). I've been wondering how the wind is on the river but haven't looked for a launch spot.
Date: 12/25/2011
From: Steven PVB

Alex, Next time you come to the east coast of NE FL, let me know. We have several guys here who sail together regularly, a few of which are big into waves and sailing in the ocean. I tend more toward sailing in the St. Johns (worth the trip, should you be into that) but do some ocean sailing and go to Huguenot frequently for tune up sessions. It's all about networking, so keep me in mind and if I can't go, some one of the others probably will. Always cool to sail with someone else, right? Best Regards, Steven Davis (904)382-7913 windaddiction080@gmail.com

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