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Panacea to Tampa

Dec 7, 2011 by PanaceaMark

Hello SPSC, I have just joined the message board, and am looking for a little advice. Has anyone sailed from the Shell Point area to Tampa? My buddy and I are thinking of taking his Cal 24 from Panacea to Tampa in early February, and looking for advice from anyone who has made the trek. My buddy is an experienced sailor and I am a novice. Boat and rigging are in solid condition. Thanks a lot!


Date: 12/26/2011
From: cabos

interpolate the weather. wait until you get a window, head due south towards the middle grounds steering east of south. begin heading up as the wind and weather permits. avoid the tempatation to draw a rum line to tampa. if u get in some weather, due to the bottom between here and crystal river, the seas can get more thatn a bit confused. have a great trip and again, let the weather dictate when u leave.

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