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Sailing in Lake Talquin?

Sep 15, 2011 by alexb

Just wondering if anyone has tried or sails in Lake Talquin? Bad idea, not possible? It doesn't look to be overgrown with plants, at least from the google aerial photos. Would be nice to sail closer to town during the weekdays when the beach is just too far of a drive. thnx


Date: 06/27/2012
From: alexb

Bringing this thread out from the dead...

Finally got my new SUP in! Decided to take it out to Lake Talquin as it's a bit closer to me than Shell Point. I also wanted to checkout what the lake was like as I've wanted to kayak and sail out there but just never got around to checking the place other other than from the offroad bike trails.

The wind was actually pretty good today. Not Debby wind but it could have been a fun longboard sail. While SUPing I saw a couple of stumps submerged, most were closer to other trees/shore. I'm sure there's a lot more though. I launched off the Coe Landing Road and went west until Williams Landing Road. Getting back upwind was a bit tough but maybe I'm just getting too used to the engine (sail) on the board. ;)

I might give it a sailing shot one day with some of the old gear I have. Going around the stumps on the SUP wasn't too hard but I would probably lose a fin if I ever ran that stump over. Maybe after paddling it a few times I'll finder a better/cleaner area to try.

If anyone else is interested in doing some SUPing around Lake Talquin or the Reserve or Lake Jackson or where ever, hit me up: alex (at) alex0.com

Date: 09/15/2011
From: Linda

Think the last time they 'drained' the lake they got rid of a lot of stumps. Still need a huge cautionary awarness for those. Talquin is long and narrow - would expect frequently gusty and have many shadow spots. Common issue with inland sailing but Talquin looks like it'd be a factor more often. Worth exploring though. FSU Sailing club used to windsurf at the Res.
Date: 09/15/2011
From: alexb

I remember hearing about the stumps as it's a man made lake for the dam. Just found this picture, says it's from 1984 http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e243/DragonworksCSA/Posting%202/Talquin1984.jpg Lake Talquin Lodge site says the depth is 15' - 40' but I would guess that's in the channel. I think I'll take the kayak out there and check out the area.
Date: 09/15/2011
From: DMac3998

I think tat the only issue with Talquin may be the submerged stumps. But then, that's been a long time ago so it may be just fine now.

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